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Mid-Iowa Solid Waste Equipment Company offers Rear Loader Garbage trucks from both Loadmaster and Wayne Engineering. Check out the information below or contact our sales department to find out which product best suites you.

It is no secret that Loadmaster Rear Load Garbage Trucks are known for their rugged reliability.

Since 1950, the Loadmaster name has stood for performance, innovation and productivity.  From having the largest hopper in its class to industry leading cycle times, Loadmaster’s quality and reliability leads the industry.

With a Loadmaster rear Loader, it is not just about mashing trash.  Our units deliver the following:

Highest Quality.

Longest lasting. (lower cost of operation)

Huge Hopper capacity. (seriously, you gotta see this)

Highest Payloads. (less trips to the disposal site)

Fast Cycle Times. (fuel savings)

Best Container Handling. (smoothest, easiest, best container mechanism on the market)

See for yourself what a Loadmaster Rear Loader can do for you.  Call for a no obligation demo today !


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