Helix Grease & Odor Control

Helix believes healthy sewers promote healthy communities and a healthy environment.

Municipalities rely on us to implement non-hazardous chemical and microbial solutions for restoring sewer flow, preventing backups, neutralizing noxious gases, extending infrastructure service life, achieving operational stability, and enhancing worker safety.

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Case Studies

Check out some of the cases studies using the Helix product on the right. If you have questions, do not hesitate to contact our sales department.

City Choked with FOG Trials Helix

A major west coast city operates and maintains various wastewater collection systems in and near the city. Like most municipalities, the city has experienced many SSOs (Sanitary Sewer Overflow) due to a variety of causes, primarily grease (FOG) blockage of sewer pipelines and roots.

Excessive Grease in Sewer Causes Maintenance Headaches.

A West Coast city was experiencing excessive maintenance costs and risk of SSOs due to local restaurants emitting grease into the sewer line. .

Low Flow Municipal Water Odor Control

A municipal water district in the Southwest U.S. maintains lift station no. 7, which pumps sewage from an upscale housing development. Residents had complained of odors from the lift station and at the top of the force main for several years.

Trap Packed with Grease Threatened by Local Authorities

A gambling and entertainment establishment has seven restaurants feeding to a 10,000-gallon grease trap. The grease in the trap was solidifying and had to be physically broken up before pumping.

Severe Grease Build-Up and Odor in Lift Station.

A Texas City had a lift station that was building up excessive amount of grease which required weekly pumping. In addition, the lift station was causing odor complaints that required a maintenance worker to record daily odor readings to document compliance.

Case Study: Commander Solves Neighborhood H2S

A western city was experiencing odor complaints in a residential neighborhood and needed a cost-effective solution. They dosed nitrates in a local lift station, but nitrate technology was not feasible for this application as there was no lift station in the neighborhood