Sewer Rodders

We offer sewer Rodders in both truck and Trailer mounter machines. Rodders are an alternative to water jetting your sewer pipes for those communities that are looking to conserve water, fuel and budget resources. This machine allows you the ability to cut roots all day without using a drop of water and at a small fraction of the fuel consumed by a traditional jetter. Not to mention that the total cost of this machine is somewhere near 25% of a combination sewer cleaner. Being a mechanical device, rodders excel at clearing roots and other obstructions, climbing long or extreme grades and also cleaning in temperatures well below freezing.

We offer a complete line of rodders including continuous and sectional designs configured in truck or trailer packages. Trailer are light enough to be towed with a half ton pickup and their 24HP gas engines can run all day on several gallons of fuel. Truck mounted units can be powered by a auxiliary 24HP gas engine or hydrostatically via a trucks PTO.

If you are in Iowa or Nebraska, call your Friends at Mid-Iowa for more information. 1-800-733-8731 or contact us at [email protected]


If you are in Iowa or Nebraska, call your Friends at Mid-Iowa to arrange a Demonstration today and let us show you what a sewer rodder’s can do for you ! 1-800-733-8731 or contact us at [email protected]